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The Little Seal: An Alaska Adventure

The northern fur seal spends most of its life in the open ocean of the North Pacific, from California up through Alaska and down to Japan. These seals travel hundreds of miles, farther than any other seal or sea lion, to reach their remote breeding grounds. Most fur seals go to the Pribilof Islands of Alaska, where, historically, several million fur seals converged annually, but the population counted in the Pribilofs in 2008 was less than one million and dropping rapidly. Ram Papish’s richly illustrated story follows these magnificent—and increasingly vulnerable—creatures through the most important part of their lives.

Hardcover, 8.5x11 , 48 pgs,  $15.95


The Little Fox: An Alaska Adventure

When the ice he is sleeping on breaks up and floats away, Little Fox is accidentally transported to an island. As he explores his new home, he meets seabirds and fur seals and learns about their lives. Written and illustrated by a field biologist with years of experience in the Alaskan wilderness, The Little Fox introduces young readers to the animals of the Bering Sea—the sounds they make, their unusual appearance, and their methods of surviving the short, intense arctic summer.

Hardcover, 8.5x11 , 38 pgs,  $15.95


Handbook of Oregon Birds

written by Hendrik Herlyn and Alan Contreras, illustrated by Ram Papish

Handbook of Oregon Birds is a portable, field-friendly guide to the seasonal status and distribution of Oregon birds. A condensation of the status and distribution material from Birds of Oregon: A General Reference, the definitive source for Oregon ornithology, the book provides a quick but detailed field reference for birders who want to know a bird’s status, seasonal patterns of occurrence, basic habitat information, and movements. The Handbook also includes comprehensive new breeding and winter maps, as well as the most up-to-date status of vagrants, displaying their seasonality and geographic occurrence in graphs and maps.

Paperback, 5.5x8.5, 328 pgs, $22.95


'Afield: 40 Years of Birding in the American West

written by Alan Contreras, illustrated by Ram Papish

From encounters with Oregon’s first Eurasian Dotterel to the inspiring but unsuccessful search for Spruce Grouse, Afield describes the experiences of a birder and the life of an explorer. Contreras records his observations largely from the perspective of a lifelong birder, but the people he encounters—and their perceptions about nature—also inhabit Afield. The reader inspired to visit the locations described in Contreras’ stories will be pleased to find useful information about them. Afield will appeal to birders—and to anyone who loves the outdoors.

Paperback, 6x9, 176 pgs, $18.95