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Captain Pinkbeard's Last Pluck

Pirate’s Blunder?

A re-enactment of Captain Pinkbeard’s famed rescue attempt “Pinkbeard’s Last Pluck” ended in tragedy when a real bullet struck and killed famed pirate memorabilia collector Boo T. Hall.

At this time investigators are looking for answers. “We don’t yet know if this was murder or just some strange blunder,” said investigator Luke N. Fiend. Hall was shot by Will I. Wokaplank, another famed pirate memorabilia collector. Wokaplank pulled the trigger of the murder weapon during the reenactment but claims to be innocent of any crime.  “If I wanted to kill Boo I wouldn’t have done it in plain daylight in front of an audience!” claimed Wokaplank.

The re-enactment took place just offshore, within view of Nye Beach, OR. Spectators who stood huddled on shore watching the drama unfold had no idea that one of the actors had really been shot. “I thought all of that was supposed to happen” said Seymour Patches of Portland, OR.  “I mean, the Captain is supposed to get shot and killed during Pinkbeard’s Last Pluck.”  Event organizer Lydia Lovechild cried out “I knew something was terribly wrong, looking down from the deck I could see that things had gone awry!”

The famous rescue attempt, commonly known as “Pinkbeard’s Last Pluck,”  was the final adventure of notorious pirate and chicken fancier Captain Fluff E. Pinkbeard.  Pinkbeard and his faithful sidekick, Timmy, boarded the Dripping Fang in an attempt to save Emily, Captain Pinkbeard’s lover and chicken breeder.  As Pinkbeard and Timmy jumped off the Dripping Fang, they were shot by Captain Juan de Atkils and his right hand man, Lefty. In the famous story, Juan de Atkils also falls to his death after being attacked by Pinkbeard’s vengeful chicken, Matilda. The chicken escaped the incident unharmed.

Investigator  Luke N. Fiend has brought in the following suspects:

Will I. Wokaplank:  The world’s foremost collector of pirate memorabilia. Played Lefty in the reenactment.

Buster Filmbuster:  Famous producer of Hollywood “B” movies. Played Juan de Atkils.

Ben Plundren: Boo T. Hall’s cousin and well-known treasure hunter and collector of pirate memorabilia. Helped organize the event.  Played Pinkbeard in the reenactment.

Carrie Mei-Hall: Boo T. Hall’s wife. Played the role of Emily the chicken breeder.

Lydia Lovechild: Owner of a local bead shop and organizer of the event. Ben Plundren’s fiancé.

Sal T. Dawg: Mysterious person who arrived in Newport with Will I. Wokaplank.