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Dr. Minthorn's Bath House Horror

Salem Witch Hunter Suspected in Murder   

January 17, 1922

Stewart Pott was found yesterday floating dead in a tub of full of milk at Dr. Minthorn's Nye Beach Sanitarium.  This appears to be the work of a cereal killer.

Stewart "Stu" Pott, the minister of his own non-denominational church in Salem, OR was very active in his community.   A noted lecturer he often spoke to high school and college civics classes, charitable events and town hall meetings.  The body was found at 5:15 PM by the Sanitarium's desk clerk as he conducted  his final sweep of the building before locking up for the night.

The coroner's report reveals that Mr. Pott received a blow to the head from a blunt instrument just prior to his death.  The cause of death was drowning. 

Strangely, the body was found just minutes before a fire started at the nearby Natatorium. Authorities have not disclosed whether the tragedies are connected.  The murder appears to be the work of the "Salem Witch Hunter,"  the infamous serial killer thought to be responsible for the murders of three young women in Western Oregon.  The Witch Hunter always bludgeons his victims on the head, followed by strangulation.  The killer then sets fire to the building containing his victim.  In one case, when the body was found in a wooded area, the killer had burned a circle around the dead girl's body. 

Inspector Bob N. Weave has brought in the following suspects for questioning:

Violet Curtains: The outspoken flapper/suffragette
Pinko: The One-Man-Big-Band
Hyman Troble: The traveling bible salesman.
Constance Whining: The loquacious hypochondriac.
Honey Pott: The devoted wife of the deceased.
Herbert Hoover: The U.S. Secretary of Commerce and nephew/adopted son of Nye Beach Sanitarium owner Dr. John Minthorn.