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Murder in the Summer of Love

Guru goes to his Grave

Yogi Swami Kashi Pu, a prominent Newport, OR spiritual leader, died just hours after making an offering to a giant banana slug made of paper mache and acorn squash.

An autopsy has revealed that Kashi Pu suffered from acute tetrodotoxin poisoning.

"Mr. Kashi Pu most likely ingested the toxin," said investigator Liv Anletliv. "Whether there was foul play involved, well, we have yet to determine that. Yogi Swami was known to be experimental with a variety of substances."

The paralysis and subsequent death of the Guru followed a strange evening during which the annual Nye Beach ritual of Jaadya Pooch was disrupted several times. Taft resident Tranquil Seafoam, slipped something under Kashi Pu's foot before she was forcibly removed from the area.  Later, Mary Reynolds jumped on the festival's dais and kicked one of the offerings before grabbing a handful of squash and throwing it at the Guru.  After police responded to the disturbance, 98 participants were cited for marijuana use. This, however, was not considered unusual.

Reports that The Beatles' George Harrison was present at the event have not been confirmed.

Investigator Liv Anletliv has brought in the following suspects for questioning:

Benki Behari: Yogi Swami Kashi Pu's right hand man, business partner and second in command the group's hierarchy.
Swarupa Punjabi: A rival Guru who has a rather small, disinterested group of followers.
Fluttering Moonbeam: A devotee who has grown uncomfortable with Yogi Swami's special requests.
Hanumanu Nanu: A worn-out devotee who wonders who she should look to for spiritual guidance.
Mary Reynolds: Protective sister of Fluttering Moonbeam who has had enough of Yogi Swami.
Tranquil Seafoam: Leads a not-so-tranquil-life of drugs and alcohol and seeks money from Yogi Swami.