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The Voice from Bloody Water Well

Body in Bloody Water Well

October 10, 1887

The body of Silas Williger found yesterday in the infamous Bloody Water Well on Ocean Edge Acres farm near Newport, Oregon.

The Bloody Water Well has a troubling history  and is associated with many unsubstantiated local legends, disappearances and ghost stories.  Some claim that it is the most haunted well in Oregon.

The coroner's report indicates that the cause of death was a broken neck.  In addition, Mr. Williger sustained numerous bodily injuries including bruises and lacerations  on his shoulders and back, a  head contusion, and a broken leg.  The body also contained traces of arsenic.

Investigators found several unexpected items in the well.  These included $195, a broken wooden statue of a chicken, a red ribbon, a water skin, and the remains of a sweet potato pie.  On the ground beside the well investigators uncovered several rocks with words scratched faintly on their surfaces.

Sheriff Peter Barton found the body in the well while conducting a missing person search. "There are so many stories about that spooky old hole in the ground.  I never thought one of the stories would come true, but yesterday it did. " remarked Barton.

Since Silas Williger was the brother of United States Senator Charles Daniels Williger;  Federal Investigator I.M. Tryin has arrived in Newport to conduct an investigation.

No other details have been released at this time.

The Suspects:

Sheriff Peter Barton:  The local lawman who doesn't always do his job.
Sarah Barton:  The Sheriff's hot-tempered, independent-minded wife.
Mr. Cooper:  The stoic and stern owner of Ocean Edge Acres Farm.
Winifred Cooper and her friends:  Mr. Cooper's Granddaughter and the smart-mouthed gang she roams with around town. 
Charles Daniels Williger: The U.S. Senator whose campaign is interrupted by his brother's death.
Bella Beija Fleur:  The attractive, petite daughter of the town's Mayor.